Praha Bikes

Cycling and sightseeing go together like almond butter and bananas – a wonderful combination when you’re hungry for something fulfilling.

I’d visited Prague a few times during my study abroad years in Europe, but it wasn’t until this most recent trip that I’d felt like I’d really seen Prague.

I rented a bike from Praha Bike, a local outfitter in the Old Town and booked their  Panoramic City Tour, which offered phenomenal views of Prague (much like the name implied):



Along Prague’s Vltava River and through beautiful Letna Park, the ride did not disappoint.  The historical city made for a magical backdrop for a leisurely (but sometimes hilly) bike ride. We stopped at the Royal Gardens and continued to Prague Castle, the World’s Largest Castle Complex.

From Petrin Park, we rode downhill (my favorite bit) all the way back to the Old Town Square,  hitting cobblestoned Jewish Quarter along the way.




Prague by bike: better than almond butter and bananas!

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