About Jeanne

Jeanne is a digital marketer by trade, and a chronic sufferer of wanderlust in search of the next adventure.

She digs travel.  A lot.  As in ‘she nearly booked a last-minute flight last week to spend 36 hours in São Paulo’ a lot.  Her perfect day starts with a smoothie freshly spun in her kitchen, ends with ninety sweaty minutes on her hot yoga mat, and encompasses everything blissful in between – from barre to bike riding to rock climbing to learning languages and recipes.

Born and bred in New York, NY, she spent summers in Shanghai – her parents’ hometown – and extensive time abroad, studying philosophy and languages in Scotland, India, Germany, and England. A former Fulbright Student Scholar, she earned her B.A. in Philosophy from Colgate University and M.Phil in Philosophy from University College London.

She considers herself a bit of a polyglot; she speaks fluent German and Shanghainese, decent Spanish, and aspires to brush up on her very rusty French and Italian.  She once studied Portuguese to prepare for a surfing and climbing adventure in Rio de Janiero, and had an affinity for dead languages such as Sanskrit and Ancient Greek in the early 2000’s.

She has climbed all over the world, from the boulders of British Virgin Gorda to the mountains of Malaysia, Morocco, and Kenya.  Her adventures have been featured in a number of online publications, including:

She summited the South East Face Normal Route of Mount Kenya via Nelion peak @ 5188 meters in January 2011, and often dreams of sitting atop Ama Dablam, a most impressive mountain in the Himalaya range of eastern Nepal.

10 thoughts on “About Jeanne

  1. Good for you…to master German. My partner (for last 24 yrs.) is German-Canadian. So I think I know what I’m talking about!! He has a full German first legal name…with his English nickname.

    I have nothing much to chalk up in languages, since my Toishanese is badly eroded, I had to learn French like any Canadian schoolchild and took 3 years of high school Latin.

    1. Happy New Year Jean! And thanks for swinging by. The Goethe-Instiut has some great German language programs so I highly recommend them for brushing up on German 🙂


    1. Thank you! Love your blog too and hope we can climb together someday if I ever make it to the Phillipines. I’ll bring helmets for us to wear 😉


      1. Hi Jeanne,

        Thank you too! Saw your pics and you’re a powerful boulderer. 🙂 Yep, hope to climb with you if you’re coming to the Philippines; it’s quite exciting since we now have a few new crags being bolted.

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