36 Hours in London

Day 1:

After catching a ferry, bus, and plane from Jelsa to London,  I finally touched down @ Heathrow in the late afternoon.  Tubed it over to Clapham South to freshen up before heading east towards Dalston Yard’s Street Feast, where I met an old Brooklyn friend and this succulent lobster roll:


Leila and I had a blast catching up whilst simultaneously sampling international fare, such as Peruvian ceviche, American sweet potato fries, Japanese gyoza, and Lebanese lemon sorbet.



Day 2:

Kicked off a lazy Sunday with dim sum near Leicester Square on Lisle Street with my dear old friend Geraldine. Barbecue pork buns, steamed shrimp dumplings,  prawn vermicelli roll, turnip cake – in a word: heaven.  Seriously,  order all of it – you’ll be sorely disappointed if you don’t!

We walked off our meal from Chinatown over the river to Southbank, surrounded by cafés and a hubbub of activity.   BFI Southbank provided a lovely refuge from the sun and refreshing iced lemonades.



I then made my way back towards Soho, where I met up with another dear old friend and young adult author Kate Kingsley @ Soho House for creative cocktails such as Beet Bloody Mary’s and self-indulgent selfies:



To top off my perfect London day, we stopped by Topshop just before it closed to get in a little bit of shopping.

And now,  I’m officially signing off before flying back to New York.  Cherrio, London!

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