Working from Vegas

Spent the morning cooped up in my hotel room working remotely.  One of the many perks of digital marketing is that you can pretty much work from anywhere in the world with a stable WiFi connection.

But with views like this, I didn’t really mind.




Die hard travelers know how to integrate work and play. I often get asked: ‘how do you have so many vacation days?’ 

Admittedly,  my agency is rather generous with paid time off, but the key is integration: maximize your time away by offering to work remotely.  This isn’t always an option,  but it’s certainly worth trying,  particularly if you’re prepared to dial into scheduled meetings,  deliver projects on time, or  even host a conference call by webcam.

Alternatively, I like to combine business trips with personal time away. Stay an extra day and linger in the area; you won’t be sorry you gave yourself the extra day to explore the local aquarium, catch a show, or simply relax at the spa.

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