Day Hikes Near NYC

Memorial Day came and went, serving as an induction of sorts for summer.

What better way to kick off the holiday than with a hike? Just a hop, skip, and Zipcar rental away from the city lies an oasis of forest and fauna.


Cranberry Lake Preserve in Westchester County is located 30 minutes from Manhattan. The red trail (an easy 3 mile loop) takes you around the perimeter of the Preserve,  past Cranberry Lake, stonewalls, toad-filled bogs, quarries, water lilies, and a waterfall.  It’s the stuff of Game of Thrones, minus all the politics of power, war, and gore.

We spotted lots of wildlife in the area, including a hawk, deer, turtle, blue jay, and chipmunks. An overlook point reminiscent of childhood tree houses made for a great stop to refuel and relax.




It was a welcome change from my usual hiking digs outside the city: Breakneck Ridge. So if you’re in the market for a super mellow day trip to explore the great outdoors,  then Cranberry Lake Preserve is right up your alley.


Looking for more hiking options outside New York City?  Check out this super slideshow on where to get your hike on.

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