Crushing Jetlag

One of the things I enjoy most about returning home from a trip is getting back to my daily juicing routine in the kitchen.


Jetlag is probably my least favorite part of travel, so here’s my how-to-guide on how to battle time zone shifts:

-Hydrate like cray before,  during,  and after flights
-Bring a bottle on board (nalgene, kleen kanteen) to fill up with h20
-Avoid alcohol and processed sugar like the plague
-Carry healthy travel snacks like apples, almonds, and coconut water (note: you won’t be able to sneak in liquids, but these can be easily purchased)
-Pack essential comforts like an eyemask, earbuds, and a travel pillow for a relaxing flight
-Overdose on whole, live foods like green juice (kale, collard greens, and celery is a staple of mine), kale, avocado, and quinoa
-Keep your carbs low and proteins healthy (tuna, salmon,  and legumes)
-Set an alarm to remind you to get to bed by 11am
-Meditate before bed (yoga nidra is a preferred method of mine)
-Get your om on the day of or after you land to stretch out your cramped muscles and tired airplane legs in a hatha yoga class


Bon voyage!

2 thoughts on “Crushing Jetlag

  1. NICE!! I use all of these too… and (if possible) go outside and get some sunshine. The exercise helps and the sunlight helps restore our circadian rhythms.

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