Half Dome and Beyond

I’d always envisioned my first visit to Yosemite to be filled with rock climbing adventures. But alas, a bouldering-induced a2 pulley injury (and my occupational therapist) has me resting my fingers for the past 2+ months.

Somehow,  my rock climbing hiatus didn’t spoil my experience of Half Dome by hike:


Isn’t she incredible?  (Half Dome, that is)


Sporting my new Prana berry yoga tee that perfectly matches my Berghaus berry alpine pack.


More stunning views of Half Dome and the Valley:


I’m grateful to have joined in on the Easter Weekend fun and unplug completely from everything outside of Yosemite Valley, and recharge.

Someday I hope to make it back to Half Dome,  and up the mountain on lead. Snake Dike is calling,  and I hear her loud and clear.

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