Fischer’s Cove, British Virgin Islands

I’d done a fair bit of research on where to stay in the bouldering paradise of Virgin Gorda after seeing it featured in Climbing Magazine late last year.

So I was thrilled when Angella emailed me back to let me know that Fischer’s Cove had availability in their studio rooms for the last week of February.  In the (is)land of $1,000/night resort rooms, Fischer’s Cove shone like a best value gem for adventure travelers like Lori and I, who were more interested in rock climbing than your typical resort experience.

After arriving by ferry to the island from St. Thomas, we caught a ‘safari’ cab to the hotel, which is situated right on the beach with jaw-dropping ocean views.  Greeted by gardens and  colorful cottages of the yellow and pink persuasion, we set down our backpacks and ordered a couple of killer painkillers – a quintessential British Virgin Island cocktail consisting of dark rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice and orange juice – while we soaked in vistas of vast turquoise waters, white sand, and endless boulders on the beach.

A splash of color @ Fischer’s Cove
A picture perfect beach
A picture perfect beach

Wayne served us deceptively sweet  (but strong) cocktails and delicious fried plantains with a hearty laugh and a toothy smile; we felt instantly welcomed on the island.

Frozen cocktail bliss
Frozen cocktail bliss

Island-roaming chickens graced our presence during our stay and crowing roosters served as our alarm clocks.  I spent mornings jogging on the property’s well-groomed beach, followed by a leisurely breakfast of veggie scramble and tea at the resort’s open air restaurant overlooking the blue skies and even bluer waters.

Happy island chickens
Happy island chickens

After breakfast, Lori and I would pack lunch (fresh tomatoes and cheese on bread rolls we picked up from the nearby grocery store) before heading off to the Valley to boulder for the day.  Since we had opted to explore the island without a rental car, Fischer’s Cove was the ideal lodging option, located a mere 7 minute walk from Spanish Town’s shops and restaurants, 15 minute from the main ferry dock, and 25 minutes from the Baths.

The sunset overlooking Sir Drake channel couldn’t be beat either, and we were glad we’d returned early from the Baths one day to catch it in time.  Fischer’s Cove: our little slice of beach-front paradise.

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