Fu Finds The Way

I want this book:

Some time in the past, in a country resembling China, Fu finds his imaginary adventures more compelling than planting rice in straight rows. When his father tells him to start over, the boy hurls a plant down the hillside where it lands on Chang, a passing soldier of some importance, who challenges the child to a duel. The frightened boy goes to the Master to learn to fight but becomes impatient when his mentor insists on beginning with tea. Throughout the night, the boy makes it over and over, learning to be patient. An author’s note mentions the ancient Chinese tea ceremony called Gong Fu, a phrase indicating “any skill developed through great practice.” The next morning the child trudges to the duel armed only with the proper tools for tea-making. Chang declines to fight, recognizing that the boy has the Way, an answer reflecting the Daoist philosophy embedded in the imaginative, but somewhat didactic, tale.

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