60 Hours in Seattle

Seattle in Spring is magical.  The sun comes out from hiding all winter long, and the city explodes with greenery and blue skies.

A few weekends ago, we took a brisk city tour to soak up all the sights, and here’s a sample of our Plat du Jour by day:

Friday Afternoon

Walking was our preferred mode of transport. We strolled from the heart of Amazon’s capital (South Lake Union) through Olympic Sculpture Park…


…where we came across this little den of tranquility.


We exited near Queen Anne and made our way up the hill to Denny Park and we’re rewarded with views abound:



Pike Place filled our morning and our stomachs with delicious french pastries and sandwiches , caffeinated drinks, grilled cheese goodness, hand crafted Greek yogurt, and fresh fruit.


We spent the rest of our day burning off all the calories we’d consumed by exploring Magnolia by bike and Seattle’s stunning waterfront before popping into one of downtown’s abundant happy hour sushi specials.


Sundays are for sleeping in, especially when it’s all doom and gloom outside weather-wise with little reprieve from the rain.

Breakfast was had in nearby Capitol Hill before walking our way to Fremont over the bridge and venturing into Hipsterville.


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