Bienvenidos a Mejico!

I needed a break from my winter woes, sub-freezing temps, snow, and ice storms, and so my trip to Mexico was perfectly timed.

Unfortunately, my cold was not, though fighting off a cold in Mexico (and flying with one too) wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined.

En route from Cancun to Tulum,  we stopped by Playa del Carmen to recharge with delicious,  freshly spun juices @ 100% Natural. It was like the non-alcoholic Margarita of my dreams:


Next up: some much-needed sun @ Soho Playa,  where we soaked up some rays and rooftop views. But not before making a pit stop @ Aldo to sample some helado (gelato) and get our sugar fix.


This boutique hotel is tucked away on 10 Avenida Norte in Centro,  where beautiful master suites meet hip, modern decor.

Finally, it was time to unwind and relax with an hour-long massage @ Zen.  $33 buys you therapeutic bliss in a private wooden cabana surrounded by peace and koi.

A perfect end to a perfect day in Playa del Carmen.

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