Revisiting Me in the New Year

On the last day of 2014, I spent 90+ minutes in 107 degrees Fahrenheit on the mat. The theme of the evening, like much of the year, was release.


I let go of my fears, attachments, and even ego while staring into the mirror at myself and balancing,  reflecting on the year.

I’ve been revisiting a visceral reaction I had a couple of months back to an article I’d read about the farce identity we tend to create around travel.  The gist of the article was that those of us who self-identify as ‘traveler,’ ‘nomad,’ ‘wanderluster, ‘ do so because we feel that it is in the act of travel (rather than intrinsically) that we truly whole and interesting.

Guilty as charged. I was outraged precisely because the author had hit a sore note in me and my ego was slightly bruised.

But in the spirit of release this New Year, I let go of my previous need to define myself through my travel, adventures,  and destinations.

I’m wholly me, always already being. And I suppose this has been the most exotic, exciting trip yet – the journey within.

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