Climbing Laguna Sofia

My last day in Puerto Natales was supposed to be a rest day, but the famous Patagonian winds had dictated otherwise.  Postponing my mountain biking adventure until my penultimate day in Patagonia due to calamitous winds meant that I had only one day left to crag – and crag I did.

Jeanne on Ojos de Sofia, 5.9

Hello Patagonia set me up with a  private guide and glorious views of Laguna Sofia, a local sport climbing crag 35 minutes away from Puerto Natales. 

About to lead something easy breezy

The weather was cooperative for the most part, minus some gusts of wind and drops of rain. We had the crag all to ourselves – perfect conditions for on-sights of super mellow, single pitch climbs and slow, methodical sips of freshly brewed maté:

The perfect cuppa maté is all about the water temperature - not too hot or cold

The view from the top was stunning,  and we had the good fortune of seeing Andean Condors – three in a row – soar right by us.  It was the closest I’d seen these majestic birds, and although I wasn’t quick enough to snap a photo, I’ve the memory of a lifetime.

Summit selfie!

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