Bienvenidos a Estancia Mercedes

There is a special place at the end of the world that remains wild,  untouched. This is Estancia Mercedes.


Estancia Mercedes are the pioneers of agrotourism in Puerto Natales.  To get here, one must take a short ferry from Puerto Natales to the peninsula, and then drive 35km to the end of this peninsula,  where 13,000 hectares of wild Patagonia await you.


Estancia Mercedes was founded in 1916 founded by José Iglesias Díaz, a Puerto Natales pioneer and the great-grandfather of  Sebastian, one of the driving forces of promoting sustainable tourism on the farm today. 

Through Agroturismo Estancia Mercedes, Sebastian and his family devote themselves to preserving the historic infrastructure of the farm, and incorporating renewable practices such as wind power, organic composting, and greenhouse farming.  They’re passionate about maintaining the local community by recovering and integrating the customs and traditions of what they consider Authentic Patagonia.


What makes Agroturismo Estancia Mercedes a particularly intimate experience is that the family works with small groups of visitors (minimum 2 and maximum 10) so that visitors can really feel like an integrated part of the daily life on the farm, sharing food, wine, and stories at the table together.


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