Flight Strategy

I recently flew from New York to Singapore and back (via Hong Kong and Tokyo respectively) for a total of 48 hours up in the air in a span of just 10 days.


Long-haul flights are never fun,  but I make them more manageable by carrying these in my carry-on:
-One or more liters of mineral water (I prefer Fiji)
-Eyemask and earplugs (essential!)
– Travel pillow (mine is inflatable to make it more portable)
-Travel socks
-A comfy jacket (my Rab micropuff keeps me warm and makes for a great pillow; my Northface Summit Series keeps the cold flight air out and has a handy hood that keeps the lights out when I’ve misplaced my eyemask)
-iPad loaded with Audible and Kindle reads
-healthy, high fiber snacks (apple, banana, granola bars, nuts, etc.) Trust me, you’ll thank me later
-Neutrogena face wipes, mouthwash, dental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, face cleanser, moisturizer, and a change of clothes so that you can feel human again after a 7-17 hour flight

My post-flight strategy usually consists of hearty comfort foods like udon, laksa, and ramen.  So satisfying!




What’s your long-haul flight strategy?

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