A Singapore Affair

After the wedding, I explored two of Singapore’s best-in-class pasttimes: food and shopping.

My local friend Emma took me to Haji Lane, where we perused shops tucked away in an adorable alleyway – a beautiful throwback to old Singapore.


We deliberately skipped out on Orchard Road for a more tailored shopping experience. Hours were spent in Soon Lee, a charming boutique that specializes in fitted silk pieces from Singapore-based designer Aijek.

Famished after our shopping excursion,  we made our way towards Marina Bay for some decent (albeit overpriced) seafood @ No Signage Seafood, which served up a tasty vegetables with oyster sauce and fresh coconut water (the seafood itself was good, but ludicrously priced). But the night views of Singapore were certainly worth the trek:



Marina Bay Sands across the way and Emma and I posing below:


Croptoppin’ it in Singapore.

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