Prague by Bike

A week ago, I’d planned to cycle 60 miles through the North and South Fork of Long Island and Shelter Island.  Unfortunately, I’d barely biked a mile before I was struck by a Suburban while traveling on 2nd Avenue in New York City.

Although my bike did not survive,  I was very lucky to limp away from the Emergency Room with minor injuries.

Today marks my first day back on a bike since the accident,  and I had the great fortune of meeting a group of German cyclists who are completing a 963km ride through Eastern Europe to the Bodensee (Constanz).


Georg and his friends were kind enough to ride with me part of the way through the Prague riverside,  as I was a bit nervous at first to ride alone. We parted ways shortly after reaching Troja, where I cycled through Stromovka park, a beautifully preserved green space that used to be a hunting preserve.




After a brief chai and blog break, I’m back on my way to the city center.


I feel extremely grateful to live a life full of stretch roles – the opportunity to confront the uncomfortable and grow myself every day.

Bike on!

3 thoughts on “Prague by Bike

  1. We didn’t do much cycling in Prague..especially in Old Town. It just wasn’t practical for us. The cycling infrastructure is actually less there, less friendly. Instead we enjoyed the incredible architecture, art.

    What type of injuries did you have? I had a concussion after another cyclist collided into me in Vancouver. I did not get onto the bike until 5 monthsl later. I was in bed for first 2 months, resting.

    1. Hi Jean! I’m so sorry to hear about your injuries. I had some neck and rotator cuff issues as well as left ankle pain. I was super lucky!

      Prague was beautiful for cycling – not the inner city but definitely the outer parts!

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