24 hours in San Francisco (in reverse order)

Ended the day with sushi and hot plates at the Mission’s new Japanese joint, Ichi. The sushi was ‘meh’ but the miso cod, shisito peppers, fried chicken, and pork belly were pretty darn tasty. They went down well with a glass of Au Bon Climat Chardonnay,  a Santa Barbara favorite of mine.


Aprés-work happy hour consisted of (mostly window) shopping in Hayes Valley (San Francisco’s answer to New York’s SoHo). I resisted temptation at least twice: once in buying a pair of jeans branded with my namesake, and many times at Niette.  Like a (well-disciplined) kid in a candy shop.



Kicked off the day working from home with Mr. T, who’s clearly fascinated with my Outlook inbox.


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