10 Years Ago

Before there was jeannefu.com, there was Facebook.  Before there was Facebook, there was Livejournal.

How is it that a digital decade can feel like a century ago?  And luckily (or unluckily, depending how you look at it) for my readers, I uncovered my laCie drive today, along with this nostalgic post, digitally penned from an internet cafe in Rome, complete with photo documentation:

Rome, April 2, 2004
Rome, April 2004
02 April 2004 @ 18:29
its 22 centigrade in roma right now and i just got back from sitting in the sun at the palatina. i can still use my ticket for the colosseum tomorrow if i go before 1:30 and if im not too hungover from tonights highly anticipated bender evening, pierres brainchild.

life is good…no, more than good.

ok ive got to run because i dont want to go over my 15 min at the cafe and ive got to buy ingredients for dinner party no. 2. seriously, why cant all my friend be either elite london school friends or elite cambridge classmates?

jumping back on the anglophilewagon…

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