Friends with Locals, Part Deux

The High Atlas mountains of Morocco are home to Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa @ 4,167m (13,671 ft.). It’s also home to some curious creatures and new friends, like Billy the mountain goat, who was caught on film devouring leftover orange halves from freshly squeezed juice at the local mountain bistro:


Or my personal favorite, Thalj (‘snow’ in Arabic), a beautiful mule and hardworking porter. She also has a fun sense of humor:



Certainly worth the 22+ mile trek and 8,000 ft. of elevation gain, just to meet these guys.

5 thoughts on “Friends with Locals, Part Deux

  1. What great snapshots. My parents were just visiting the Atlas Mountains, and they absolutely loved it. Seemed like it was just postcard shot after postcard shot from their pictures that they sent me. Keep posting the great pictures!

      1. Not sure where exactly they went, but I know that using the word “summit” to describe their “hiking” might be a bit of stretch, wherever they ended up going! I will have to keep it in mind for myself though for future trips. And the bucket list keeps on growing…

      2. Will be doing a big trip soon to close-ish to that part of the world (well, it seems close after living in Shanghai for the past six month!) so if you follow my blog, you can read about my adventures!

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