Climbing Chiang Mai






Today was supposed to be a warm-up day, but somehow I found myself attempting to onsight ‘Magic Drop,’ a 6b (5.10c) three star route located in the Crazy Horse Area, 35 kilometers from Chiang Mai.

Though I had to take, it was pretty awesome.  Despite my jetlag and lack of sleep,  I felt strong and light, and made my way up those crimpy holds.  My right finger pads are still numb. Gnarly.

Crazy Horse Buttress is appropriately named for its rock formation (see pic #3). Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures bolted nearly all the routes on the crag and my CMRCA self-rescue guide, Taw, was super knowledgeable and encouraging.  A good time was had (even in spite of the 4pm downpour).

More climbing stories to come in the following days…

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