Juice Machine

My Barre sister and fellow Colgate alumna asked me what my juicer of choice is.

apple, celery, & carrot cocktail
apple, celery, & carrot cocktail

Et voila!  Breville’s Compact Juice Fountain was the brawn behind this morning’s delicious juice concoction.

I’ve also been a big fan of Omega’s Masticating Juicer, which literally chews up the fruits and veggies, spits out the pulp, and fills the plastic container chock full of juice.  While the former is much quicker in terms of juice output (due to the grinding blade found in most centrifugal juicers), the latter crushes the fruits and veggies at a much slower pace and thus keeps the enzymes and nutrients at a temperature they can survive at, so that you can more fully reap the benefits of drinking them.

What’s your preferred juice machine?

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