Virgin Gorda Bouldering

A couple of weeks ago, my climbing partner Lori and I escaped New York’s wicked winter weather to soak in some Caribbean sun and rum, and climb some of the British Virgin Island’s most spectacular boulders:

Bouldering in the Baths
Babar @ Devil’s Bay South
Spring Bay Crack @ Little Trunk Bay

During our five-day stint on the island, we established a handful of routes, which may or may not be first ascents (it’s hard to tell what’s been climbed and what’s truly a ‘virgin’ route because chalk tends to get weathered down by sun, sand, and salt water).  Lori awesomely posted the majority of these on Mountain Project, so please let us know if you’ve come across any of these routes in another guidebook online or offline that we may have missed:

Rubik’s Cube (v0)

Devil’s Bay Trail Traverse (v1)

Devil’s Bay Trail Traverse (full shot)

Don’t Fall on Your Honeymoon (v1)

We even managed to put up a v3 route (not pictured or posted here), One Legged Push-up, bring home a nearly full bottle of Cruzan coconut rum (also not pictured here), and rock Caribbean suntans sans (too much) sunburn.  I surmise it’s safe to say that the escape from New York was wildly successful in curing our winter woes.

This marked our second annual rock climbing holiday together, and we plan to embark on many more for years to come!  In fact, I’ve already planned our next send adventure together (though Lori doesn’t know this yet).

Lori working Babar (v6? v7? v8?)

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