Pho and Flu

I am seriously considering tracking down some pho bo for brunch tomorrow, since the closest Vietnamese joint on the Upper East Side does not open its doors until 11am, which is pratically lunchtime in Vietnam (well, actually, it’d be closer to bedtime, given the time difference).

So to fight the travel, jetlag and exhaustion-induced flu (16 hours on a night train, and a 27 hour flight before returning to work the next day12 time zones away will do that to a girl) at the crack of dawn this morning, I had to settle for Rite Aid-brand Chicken Noodle Soup.  Pho Ga it was not, but it was nontheless comforting.

I so look forward to paying the equivalent of an astonishing 160,000 Vietnamese dong for some beef noodle soup in a few hours. *snicker*

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