Jeanne Fu House Tour

Inspired by my friends and Apartment Therapy, I wanted to share a travel adventure of the local sort: a house tour of Chez Fu, a 500 square foot studio in a brownstone building on the Upper East Side:

My daily ritual: hanging the keys to Chez Fu above the entryway
A fun and modern shower curtain brighten up an otherwise bland bathroom
with black, white, and green accents to match
A canvas from Kenya and vintage calendar adorn the entryway
A mix of masks from South Africa, Puerto Rico, and Argentina a quirky kitchen make
DIY to die for: a makeshift fireplace and fire engine red Ikea Expedit bookcase room divider
Arguably the studio centerpiece, this Ikea gem provides privacy and superb storage. Bright, poppy accent furniture and decor add a sense of eclectic modernism to the living room space.


Additional ‘floating’ storage thanks to Ikea and Dad’s DIY talents
A Manhattan studio with decent closet space – as high as they (there are two) are deep!
A Kenyan love mask and Indonesian wooden decor hang above the ‘bedroom’
Self-portrait in my studio



6 thoughts on “Jeanne Fu House Tour

  1. Looks fabulous Fu! I need you to come to South London to give our place a makeover! Am currently in SA still (just went diving with Great White Sharks!!!) but will give you a call for a long overdue catch up when I’m back in the UK. Yeri xx

    1. Thanks Gez! Hope that you’re having a nothing short of phenomenal honeymoon with your hubby in ZA! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures, and YES to coming over to London and decorating your pad! xo

  2. Wow–it looks beautiful! Very creative design. I love the floating storage and all the items from your world travels. Thanks for including me in the tour!

    1. Thanks Jenny! Looking forward to catching up with you and discussing DIY and design blogs :). Let me know when you’d like to come ’round for a cocktail!

  3. It’s very Jeanne Fu, congrats! So happy for you. Nothing like having your own beautiful home. Love and miss you, Katya xx

    1. Thank you Katya! I miss you too! I’m looking forward to catching up next time I’m in London, and I do hope you and Anya will visit me in NYC someday! Lots of love, Fu

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