The Wide Boyz

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of tending to my bi-annual guilty pleasure of rock climbing film festivals (Reel Rock in the Fall, and Banff Mountain Film Festival in the Spring).  Predictably, there was a film about utterly impressive and completely insane big wall free solo climber Alex Honnold, but to be perfectly frank, I was far more interested in this year’s film featuring The Wide Boyz.

The Wide Boyz are a couple of British climbers on a badass mission to climb the gnarliest off-widths in the country.  Ok, and admittedly, they’re also super cute, which makes the film all the more interesting to watch.  But the cracks they climbed are pretty good-looking too, particularly the 5.14b-rated Century Crack, the burliest of them all.  

I’m officially crushing on a couple of climbers (move over, Chris Sharma!).

P.S.  Here’s a pic of me mock-leading a not-so-gnarly crack, Double Dogleg, 5.7, Joshua Tree:


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