What Happens @ Red Rocks Stays @ Red Rocks

Including the 70mph winds that nearly blew our tent down.  Luckily, Mr. Sirius survived the hurricane-esque conditions at the Red Rock Rendezvous (with a little help from a couple of friendly fellow climbers/campers who lent a hand, as well as a couple of rocks and stakes to hold down the little tent that could).  Unfortunately, my helmet did not, and went MIA sometime on Sunday, never to be seen again. 

The rocks were indeed red; the rock quality was solid (albeit soft, which one needs to take care of when placing pro); the weather was predictably fickle; the views were to die for.  And  the climbing was world-class, obvi.

But for me and Lori, this trip, much like El Potrero Chico, was primarily one of scope – to get a feel for the rocks, lay of the land, and sense of whether routes were sandbagged (like they were in EPC) or not – rather than a full-on climbvaction.  We’ll certainly make another Red Rocks pilgrimage sometime soon (September, mayhaps?) and this time with a rental car and erm, solid shelter (read: hotel accommodations) pre-arranged. 

Red Rock Canyon: March 30, 2012

At least we’ve got the après-climb routine down.

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