Leading our Way Through Mexico

My indoor climbing partner, Lori, and I flew 7,664 miles (round-trip) over President’s Day Weekend to climb some rocks.  El Potrero Chico, a sport climbers’ paradise located 3 km outside the town of  Hidalgo in the Mexican state of Nuevo León, greeted us with windy albeit sunny days on the crag, bone chilling cold desert nights, and Micheladas (a Mexican cerveza preparada made with beerlime juice, tomato juice) set against a dramatic backdrop of  razor sharp limestone cliffs jutting 2,000 ft. from earth into periwinkle skies.

We led, bled (EPC has some of the sharpest rock I’ve ever laid fingers upon), climbed, and experienced the sublime:  full frontal confrontation with exposure, fear of falling, the infamous Elvis leg whilst clipping on questionable moves, and, most importantly, absolute self-sufficiency – from navigating unfamiliar, undeveloped, mountain terrain to route-finding on crags in the virgin canyon, to leading 100 ft. pitch climbs that sometimes required as many as 18 quickdraws and bouldery, highball-esque starts, 20+ feet off the ground.

Good effing times.  A gamechanger – as it were –  for both Lori and me, and the first of many future outdoor climbing excursions together.

El Potrero Chico
The Spires @ El Potrero Chico: February 19, 2012

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