Sierra Nevada Tick List

In preparation for my upcoming inaugural trip to the stunning Sierra Nevada with my very dear friend Joan, I’ve compiled a wish list of sorts for alpine climbing in the Eastern Sierras:

Mt. Whitney – 14,494′
East Face – Grade III, 5.6

Mt. Conness – 12,590′
North Ridge – Grade III, 5.6

Cardinal Pinnacle
Regular Route – Grade II, 5.6
Red Bush – Grade II, 5.9

Crystal Crag – 10,375′
South Ridge – Grade II, 5.4
North Ridge – Grade III, 5.8

Mt. Sill – 14,162′
Swiss Arête – Grade III

Lone Pine Peak – 12,944′
North Ridge – Grade IV, 5.7

Temple Crag
Venutian Blind Arête – Grade III, 5.7
Moon Goddess Arête – Grade IV, 5.7

mount whitney

Some day, I shall fulfill the list and tick each off, summit by summit. One day, in the near future that awaits me in California.

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