Travel Back in Time(line)

2008-2009: discovered and fell hard and fast for solo travel (Argentina was pivotal, Costa Rica: debaucherous, Peru: magical, Malaysia: gritty)

2010: fell in love with: a boy in Norway, South African soccer & biltong; continued to travel (Oslo, Düsseldorf, København, Johannesburg, Capetown, Polokwane, Belize, Rio de Janiero, Ihla Grande)

January 2011: enraptured and seduced by the beauty and grandeur of Mount Kenya, touched by the kindness and warmth of strangers in Nairobi during a rather difficult time

April 2011 – present: fell in love with furthering my career, feeling fulfilled in my new role, rekindled my passion for search, and perfecting the long weekend warrior jetset method (with 3-day jaunts to London/Amsterdam, Hawaii, Panama City, Barcelona, London again, Mazatlan, and Istanbul).