‘i like to collect passport stamps’

…a rather ubiquitous hobby to claim to have or dream about having these days. Much like ‘photography,’ the hoi polloi simply say they love to travel, yet few actually do in the way that embodies true Thomas Mannian reiselust à la Death in Venice

…says the somewhat grumpy wanderluster still catching up on emails, powerpoint deck revisions, and sleep after spending 60 hours in Barcelona (12 of which were @ a Català wedding in the Spanish villa of Argentona), 32+ hours in transit in two time zones (CET, EDT) and four cities (Genève, Zürich, Barcelona, New York), and way too many swiss francs on boxes of Sprüngli truffles & macaroons and euros on bottles of Spanish cava – ¡Joder!

which reminds me, soon it’ll be time to renew my passport again at the rate that the visa pages are filling up – and rather nicely, might i add 🙂


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