the last 4 months

Since came into genesis, I’ve:

-summited my first mountain (12/31/10)
-summited Mt. Kenya (1/19/11)
-survived a vehicular accident – in which our safari matatu was run off the road by a drunk driver and flipped over 180 degrees into a ditch – en route to the Masai Mara in Kenya (1/24/11)
-invested in my first set of ice tools (black diamond cobras, YEAH!)
-ice climbed in a sling (Frankenstein Cliffs, 2/6/11)
-hiked Breakneck Ridge in winter, with 55mph wind gusts (2/19/11)
-summited the highest peak in Vermont in arctic tundra-like conditions, brrr! (2/26/11)
-undertaken arthroscopic shoulder surgery (NYU Langone Medical Center, 3/18/11)
-quit my job
-accepted an offer to run search marketing in the New York office of the largest independent digital agency in the United States
-booked a trip to Kona, HI to summit Mauna Kea, the highest point in the state of Hawaii, by car

kona, hawaii

Here’s to new beginnings – Aloha!

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