Lost in Peru

A few months ago, I published my first article (well technically, it’s my second, as a paper I authored in Fall 2001 on bridging the gap between Idealism and Realism in the western philosophical tradition vis-à-vis Advaita Vedanta was apparently published in an Indian philosophy journal some years ago, but I digress…) in the September 2010 issue of Adventure Insider, a gnarly new web-based magazine dedicated to Adventurism (with a capital A) everywhere.

It’s kind of amusing, but mostly embarrassing, as it underscores my hilarious lack of navigation skills and well, general common sense. In any case, happy reading (and laughing!) if you have not already indulged in my ignorance.

Also, please support AI by subscribing or downloading it, or even better, drop Erick Pound a line pitching your latest adventure and become a part of the story! After all, friends support friends’ high risk, high reward endeavors 🙂

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