A Year of Adventures/A Lifetime of Dreams

Go: Patagonia, Argentina/Chile
Climb Cerro Aconcagua via the South Face, Argentina
View the Aurora Borealis, Scandinavia
Climb El Capitan’s Nose, Yosemite National Park, USA
Ski touring the Haute Route, France, Italy, Switzerland
Freedive in a Blue Hole, Bahamas
Climb at Paklencia Park, Croatia
Volcano board Cerro Negro, Nicaragua
Go: High Atlas, Morocco
Surf at Bell’s Beach, Australia
Go: Wadi Rum, Jordan
Cycle safari at Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana
Sandboard in Oregon, USA
Surf Bali, Indonesia
Base jump at Voss, Norway
Hike the world’s most dangerous trek, China
Go: Iuybasdvilub, Iceland’s interior
Surf at Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Go: Dolomites, Italy
Sea kayak in Queensland, Australia
Go: Xinjiang, China
Sail the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
Go: Vietnam
Sandboard at Swakopmund, Namibia
Go: Moab, USA
Climb at Mt. Arapiles, Australia
Go: Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
Camel safari in Douz, Tunisia
Go: Mérida, Venezuela
Climb Cotopaxi, Equador
Climb at Potero Chico, Mexico

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