Googling Yourself

Everyone has done it before – whether out of sheer curiosity, vanity, or as a mere precaution in self-screening as you conduct the epic job hunt, submit a graduate school application, or even *gasp* undertake the Herculian task of online dating – you have typed in your own name in full in the toolbar of your browser or

The results are not always pretty.

Case in point, I came across the following website, which ranked #8 on the first search engine results page (SERP) for the result “jeanne fu”:

Jeanne Fu | My Blog

Nov 27, 2010 Real Talk with Jeanne episode featuring The World MArtial Arts Academy. Jeanne learns the techniques every woman needs to know in this brave

Nevermind that the above link directs to a blog that is neither authored nor endorsed by me, or that the featured video of a woman who may or may not be named Jeanne attempting Kung Fu has slightly racist undertones, but the site is permeated with rather questionable links to what look to be affiliate sites promoting asian porn.  In fact, the URL says it all (I strongly advise that you do not copy and paste it into your browser, unless you _want_ to get spammed with asian porn sites):

As a female and search engine marketer, I found this search result highly disturbing, agitating, and well, frustrating.  So in an attempt to clear my good name (Jeanne Fu), I’ve created, a blog authored by me – Jeanne Fu! – pertaining to all things that I dig: travel, rock climbing, languages, and philosophy.

Hello, world!

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